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At Buckingham Valley Farm our first priority is the quality care and safety for every horse and rider. All of our staff members are dedicated to this mission, working to assist our clients. Personalized programs are designed to meet the individual care and training needs of both horse and rider. Call 215-794-5103 or stop by today to see how BVF can meet the needs of you and your horse.


What you and your horse can expect at BVF:


  • The barn is open from 7am to 9pm Monday through Friday and 7am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday.

  • Three heated wash stalls with both hot and cold water.

  • All three barns equipped with a fire alarm system.

  • Temperature controlled tack room for storing saddles, bridles, and tack trucks with a full view of the indoor ring.

  • Indoor and outdoor rings watered and dragged daily.

  • Daily paddock turnout & seasonal grass turnout in our large  fields.

  • Morning stall cleaning with an afternoon pick.

  • Horses checked regularly throughout the day.

  • Diets are carefully selected and monitored. We feed top quality hay and grain and offer a variety of feeds and supplement options to help our horses maintain proper weight and a sleek, healthy appearance.

  • Regular preventative maintenance including worming, veterinary, dental, and farrier schedules are coordinated by our staff to guarantee the best possible care.

  • Individual training and exercise schedules are developed with you to ensure the optimal physical condition of your horse.

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